Information about the competition system and the regulation by categories

Competition system

  • Each team will play a minimum of 5 games during the tournament, either through the Group league system, or by means of a league system of more qualifying crossover groups in case it is necessary.
  • The matches will last 30 minutes in all categories (2 X 15 minutes) except in the U10, which consists of 4 times of 6 ′.
  • Each match will consist of 2 times of 15 ′ and a break of 5 ′, except in semi-finals and finals (see next point).
  • Only semi-finals and end matches of all categories (except U12 and U10) will consist of 2 parts of 20 minutes.
  • Each team will be able to ask for a single dead time of 1 ′ during the match, 2 ' in the case of semi-finals and finals
  • The fulfillment of the schedules is a work of all. For this purpose, the following instructions are established:
    • The warm-up will be made on the outside of the installation, not having the possibility of launching to goal unless the early end of the previous match gave them that possibility.
    • The team that appears as local in the calendar will always be placed on the left side of the annotation table, so that the arbitral draw is abolished in all the phases of the competition.
    • In the case that in a court delay of more than 20 minutes is reached (except in the finals), games will automatically be played for a single time of 30 minutes, which can only be stopped by the entry to court to attend an injured player or exclusions.
  • In case of a tie to goals in the playoff matches, we will proceed to a three-metre shootout. If the tie persists, there will be 1 additional shootout per team until the draw is undone.
  • Teams that at the end of the league of groups are tied to points will settle their final classification based on the following parameters:
    • between two teams:
      • 1.-Result between them
      • 2.-Best difference of particular goals
      • 3.-Best Overall goal difference.
    • between more than two teams:
      • 1.-Greater number of points between them.
      • 2.-Better goal difference between the results of the tied teams.
      • 3.-Best Overall goal difference between teams matched to points.
  • In everything not described above, the tournament will be governed by the rules of the Handball Federation of Castilla La Mancha and subsidiary by the RFEBM

Handball. Rules by categories

Once registered all the teams will publish the rules and the competition system of each category

Beach handball. Rules by categories

Once registered all the teams will publish the rules and the competition system of each category