Information about the competition system and the regulation by categories

Competition system

  • Each team will play a minimum of 5 games during the tournament, either through the Group league system, or by means of a league system of more qualifying crossover groups in case it is necessary.
  • The matches will last 30 minutes in all categories (2 X 15 minutes) except in the U10, which consists of 4 times of 6 ′. In semifinals and finals matches will be played at two times of 20 minutes each, except in the U10 category. Clarify that the matches for the third place will be played in 30 minutes.
  • The maximum number of participants per team will be twenty, but not more than eighteen can be called for a match. Likewise, not more than four team officials will be allowed to participate in the same match.
  • Each team may request a single team time-out during the match, except in the semifinals, where they may request two team time-outs (one in each time). In the U10 category, no team time-outs will be awarded in any phase of the competition.
  • Suspensions will be one minute in all matches except in semifinals and finals, where the suspensions will be two minutes (except in the under 10 category, where they will be one minute during the whole tournament).
  • Compliance with schedules is everyone's job. To do this, the following instructions are established, which are mandatory:
    • The warming up will be done outside the playing court, not having the teams the possibility of shots to goal unless the early end of the previous game gave that possibility.
    • The team that appears as a local in the calendar will ALWAYS be placed to the left of the scoring table and will remove first from the center, so that the arbitration draw is eliminated AT ALL PHASES OF THE COMPETITION. There will be no change of field in the break in any category except in the under 18 category.
    • In the event that a delay of more than 10 minutes is reached in a game court (except in semifinals and finals), matches of a single 30-minute time will automatically be played.
    • The match will be played with the ball chosen by the home team, the ball of the visiting team will be the reserve ball.
  • In the event of a tie to goals in the elimination matches, the golden goal shall be applied. One of the two referees will throw the ball into the air in the center of the field at the same time as the other referee blows his whistle. The game will end when one of the two teams manages to score a goal. The players who are excluded in the last minute of the game or in the last two minutes in the case of semifinals and finals, will not be able to enter the field during this time, regardless of whether the exclusion time has already been met. Players excluded during this additional time will neither be able to participate in the game again.
  • In the matches of the group stage, the victory will give 2 points, the tie 1 to each team and the defeat 0.
  • In the U10 category each time of two minutes will score individually, giving the victory in time 2 points, the tie 1 to each team and the defeat 0. At the end of the game the team that accumulates the most points will be the winner. The winner of the match will get two points for the classification, in case of a tie, each team will get a point, and in the case of defeat, zero.
  • The teams that at the end of the league of groups are tied to points will settle their final classification based on the following parameters:
    • Between two teams:
      • 1.- Result between them.
      • 2.- Best goal difference.
      • 3.- Greater number of goals in favor.
      • 4.- Draw made by the organization.
    • Between more than two teams:
      • 1.- Points resulting from a particular classification between teams tied.
      • 2.- Best goal difference between them exclusively.
      • 3.- Best goal difference considering all participating teams.
      • 4.- Greater number of goals scored intervening only teams tied.
      • 5.- Greater number of goals scored taking into account all participating teams.
      • 6.- Draw made by the organization.
  • In the U10 category, the tie-break will be made in place of goals per points, and in case of tie points, will be made in accordance with what has been described above.
  • In those categories in which for the final phase it is necessary to determine the best second, second best second, etc., the following criteria will be used:
    • 1.- Greater number of points.
    • 2.- Greater difference of goals.
    • 3.- Highest number of goals scored.
    • 4.- Draw made by the organization.
  • In the event that there are groups with one participant over others, the results with the last classified will not be taken into account.
  • Regarding the standards approved and introduced in June 2016, they will be applied as follows:
    • BLUE CARD: It will be applied in all the matches of all the categories.
    • PASSIVE GAME: It will be applied in all the matches of all the categories.
    • THREE ATTACKS: It will be applied only in U18 Category, both male and female.
    • SEVEN FIELD PLAYERS: It will be applied only in U18 Category, both male and female.
    • 30 SECONDS: It will be applied in all the matches of all the categories during the last thirty seconds of the match as well as in case of a tie in the matches of crosses during the extra time in application of the rule of the golden goal. Note that infractions by officials punishable according to rule 8: 9 and 8:10 of the RFEBM rules of the game, as well as ilegal substitutions are within this rule.
  • Attack-defense substitutionswill be allowed only in the U18 category. In case of any change when the team in which the change occurs is not in possession of the ball, an unregulated change will be determined.
  • Mixed defenses are not allowed in U10, U12 and U14 categories. In case of being made, the referees will stop the match and will inform the responsible team official that this type of defense is not allowed. In case of continuing to make this type of defense, the match will be interrupted and a seven-meter throw will be decreed against the offending team without the possibility of rejection. Subsequently, the non-offending team will again have possession. This procedure will be repeated in successive occasions.
  • Resins can only be used in U18 category. In the event that they are used in other categories, the responsible team official will be progressively punished.
  • Players must have their documentation always available, and may be required by the organization at any time. In the semifinal and final matches, the documentation will be requested ex officio.
  • The participants of a category, may participate in teams of their same club of higher category, however, a player may not participate in two or more teams of the same category, if this happens, the team in which he participated in second place will be punished with improper alignment. Only the participation of the same player in two teams of the same category is allowed in the case of players who are called by the Castilla-La Mancha team and also their team participates in the tournament.
  • In everything not described above, the tournament will be governed by the rules of the Handball Federation of Castilla La Mancha and subsidiary by the RFEBM rules

Handball. Rules by categories

Once registered all the teams will publish the rules and the competition system of each category

Beach handball. Rules by categories

Once registered all the teams will publish the rules and the competition system of each category