Tournament Overview

Toledo Handball Cup 2017 will be held on 29,30 june and 1,2 july in 2017 in Toledo. It will include all categories from U10 (Benjamín) to U18 (Juvenil).
In 2016, 126 teams participated . The number of players exceeded 1300.


A Category:

Staying at a School or Sports Centre. Each participant must bring their own mattress and sleeping bag.

Team registration: 50€

Price per player/coach: 117€

B Category:

Accommodation in one of the hostels of the National Network of Youth Hostels arranged for the tournament.

Team registration: 50€

Price per player/coach: 149€

C Category:

Accommodation in Hotel / Hostal 2 ** or  3 ***  in the city.

Team registration: 50€

Price per player/coach: 165€

D Category:

4 star Hotels

Team registration: 50€

Price per player/coach: 230€

E Category:

Players/coaches with their own lodging/lunches:

Team registration: 50€

Price per player/coach: 39€


Please ask for gratuities
If any team/club wishes to stay additional days
please contact the organization.
There is a fee of 100 € for every team taking part in the tournament at the moment of the inscrip¬tion, which
will also cover unlikable damages in the selected lodgings.
Should it not be necessary to use it, this amount
will be returned through bank transfer at the end of the tournament


There is a fee of € 100 for every team taking part in the competition at the time of registration, which will also cover for unlikable damages in the selected lodgins. Should not be used, such deposit will be refunded by bank transfer at the end of the tournament.

The registration fee will be 50 € per team.



Beach Handball

1 Team 50€ 20€
2 Teams 90€ 40€
3 Teams 120€ 60€
All others 25€ 20€

The abovementioned prices include:

  • Accommodation (including breakfast) for 3 nights.
  • Lunch and dinner (from Thursday noon to Sunday noon).
  • Indoor courts, matches and referring.
  • Complimentary water per team and per match (6 * 1,5 Litres).
  • Over 60% of the matches broadcast in live streaming (possibility of HD).
  • Free transportation within the city of Toledo (hotels to courts).
  • Free pass for open air swiming pools in Toledo.
  • Medical insurance (in force only during warming up and matches).
  • Physiotherapists on court in all matches.
  • Discounted Vouchers for shops, museums and guided city tours.
  • Night disco, games, entertainment, and much more !!


By Group Age

The winning team will receive as a trophy a typical Toledo steel sword, forged with the same technique performed from the Middle Ages

By Club

Similarly, all clubs participating with at least three teams will automatically enter the Club Competition, where the winning side will receive the "Great Toledo Sword". This sword will remain with the winning club for one year, after which it must be returned to the city of Toledo in case of non-participation or put back in play in the following edition.


The club to win this trophy in 3 consecutive or five discontinuous times will keep it for good.






Sport Centres

During the tournament at least 8 indoor courts will be used. All of them will have a physiotherapist on duty.

Four sport centres will have access to the Internet via a WiFi network. All matches played in these courts will be streamed live through this link.

Matches will start at 9:00 and will finish at 22:00  In the Main Court the schedule will span from 9:00 to 24:00.




The participating categories in this edition will be:

  • U10 (unisex, unless there are enough teams from each sex)(Born 07 and 08)
  • U12 (unisex, unless there are enough players from each sex)(Born 05 and 07)
  • U14 Boys. Born 2003 and 2004
  • U14 Girls. Born 2003 and 2004
  • U16 Boys. Born 2001 and 2002
  • U16 Girls. Born 2001 and 2002
  • U18 Boys. Born 1999 and 2000
  • U18 Girls. Born 1999 and 2000
  • The number of teams per group age will be limited, so apply now!



The competition will be governed by the Rules of the game that determines the Royal Spanish Handball Federation. The entire set of rules will be published in this webpage in due time.

All players participating in the tournament must have the documentation to prove their identity (ID card, passport, etc ...). This documentation may be required officially by the referees or officials on court, being mandatory for the semifinals and finals.

There is no maximum number of players per team but the lineup in each match will be limited to 18 players. Players from the same club can play in a team of the next age group but not in another team of the same one.


The host city

The city of Toledo, conquered by the Romans in the second Century BC and declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1986, is the ideal place to enjoy your favorite sport and at the same time to step back in time and visit a momumental city where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together for Centuries.

Toledo is also known as "The Imperial City" because it was the capital of the Spanish Empire through different periods until 1560.

As a result of this you can, during the competition, stroll along the twisting and narrow streets in search of magnificent monuments, find that perfect spot for a photo, a terrace where to enjoy a quiet moment or just the place to find yourself.




Toledo is just 55 minutes drive and 30 minutes fast train (AVE) away from Madrid, offering every comfort for our visitors, athletes and fans. World famous attractions such as El Prado, Reina Sofia Museum, Warner Bros Amusement Park. Madrid Zoo or Real Madrid Museum are some ideas if you want to enjoy a one day trip.



For more information or confirmation of participation you can use:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 0034 699 99 53 68  Francisco Miranda